An excellent, complete set of Intro magazine from the heady days of 1967/1968.

All twenty-four published issues, dated between September 23rd 1967 and March 2nd 1968. From the following week, the title joined (very briefly) with Petticoat before disappearing.

These high-quality magazines are extremely hard to find these days and I’ve never seen a complete set offered for sale before.

This set is in remarkably good condition. The magazines are clean (no writing), flat and complete, and show just tolerable wear throughout. There are very small tears around the staples which would seem to be inevitable given the magazines’ length and the thick paper used in making them. The larger copies have faint fold lines, but since they have been stored flat for 50 years, the lines have become less defined. There are no free gifts.

Intro was an exciting publication, very much of its time, put together by a young, energetic, upwardly-mobile team of contributors. It was decidedly “edgy” and a bit anti-establishment to start with. It was also extremely well made – a high quality reflected in its cover price of one shilling and sixpence.

It featured pin-ups, features, fashion, reviews, interviews and all sorts else. The initial magazines were unfeasibly-sized (44 cm long) which presented problems to retailers and buying public alike, and this is one probable reason why finding copies now in very good condition is so difficult. After 11 issues it was reduced in size.

Intro will be remembered fondly as not only a kitsch, freeze-frame of a defining time in 20th century British culture, but also as an energetic voice for the “new youth”. A generation who, while gently pushing the accepted social barriers of “conformity”, more than likely became the very people at whom their challenging attitudes were once directed…!

Colin Mason

serious collector of 1960s vinyl records and archivist of vintage music magazines

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