Here’s an obscure 45 by ex Searchers drummer Chris Curtis, released on Pye a few months after he quit the hit making Beat group. It’s uptempo mid ’66 mod beat with background female vocals, plenty of tambourine, brass and strong vocals.

Too bad ‘Aggravation’ wasn’t a hit in England, the record seems to have stalled in no-wheresville just like so many other 60s records. I’m sure Chris Curtis had the songs and the tough vocals to succeed as a solo star after The Searchers but with this flop his recording career was over and he moved into production work until 1969, then quit the music industry for good.

It is believed that Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones played on this recording. Also Vick Flick, best known for his guitar riff on the James Bond Theme and Joe Moretti who played on many legendary rock and roll discs including Johnny Kidd’s “Shakin’ All Over” and Vince Taylor’s “Brand New Cadillac”

The 45 is sought after especially the Dutch picture sleeve release.

Colin Mason

serious collector of 1960s vinyl records and archivist of vintage music magazines

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  1. Barry Green

    Hi I have a one sided Pye acetate of Aggravation dated 24 Jun 1966

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