During the late sixties The Fortunes released several singles looking for that elusive hit record. Their music was very much in keeping with the times although instead of experimenting with psychedelia they went in search for the perfect pop 45 with commercial appeal and their trademark vocal harmonies.

“The Idol” / “His Smile Was A Lie” (United Artists UP 1188) 1967
“Fire Brigade” / “Painting A Shadow” (United Artists UA 50280) 1968 USA
“Loving Cup” / “An Hour At The Movies” (United Artists UP 2218) 1968
“Seasons In The Sun” / “Louise” (United Artists UA 25 885) 1968
“Ballad Of The Alamo” / “Save A Little Dream” (United Artists UP 35027) 1969
“Books And Films” / “Sad, Sad, Sad” (United Artists 35 054) 1969

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