3 thoughts on “Welcome MONKEES – NME – JUNE 24, 1967

  1. I well remember these NME issues, I got them delivered weekly on a Friday or Saturday for around 2 years and I guess it was my introduction to pop culture. I didn’t realise it at the time that the NME was more or less a fan mag, but really enjoyed it as a 13 year old. I returned to the NME around 1973 when it had completely changed in to a more controversial grown-up music paper for the young adult/student [which I was by then!]

    1. Thanks for you thoughts Keith. I was too young to buy such things about the music press. I was born late 1964.
      By the way, I edited your post as per your request.

      1. We all like a surprise but when it’s records it’s something else.

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