PETTICOAT – The one’s that got away!

The good news is that today I secured 15 issues of Petticoat magazine, the bad news is that I lost out for the issues pictured below. They all sold for £18 each.

Rare magazines for young ladies from the height of the Swinging Sixties, subtitled “for the young and fancy free”. Edited briefly by a young Janet Street-Porter with Eve Pollard as Beauty Editor it tapped in to the more liberal ideas of the times and focussed primarily on the styles and fashions of Swinging London, bringing these new tastes and ideas straight to the bedrooms of young girls. It was also willing to tackle taboo subjects and showed a more positive outlook to young females than was previously offered in other teen mags.

Enlightened and vibrant it also included articles on and by current pop and film stars, love story serials, relationship, cosmetic and career advice, where to buy the latest gear etc. Terrific retro ads from the Sixties and from 1967 the famous problem page.



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