8 thoughts on “PRIVILEGE: The most shattering film of the year – PETTICOAT – FEBRUARY 18, 1967

  1. I loved this film and its music when I was a young teen. Think I may still have the EP (though no longer have anything to play it on).

      1. It’s very thought provoking and of course the clothes and language are all very mid 60s hipness, but I dig all that being an impossible 60s freak.
        Jean Shrimpton has the poshest voice imaginable and it’s plain to see that Paul Jones isn’t a natural actor.
        He went to Hollywood for a couple of screen tests at the end of 1967 but nothing came of those.

      2. Are you from that era or younger? I’m from then. 🙂 Paul Jones went on to become a good blues singer.

      3. Haha, kind of….born late 1964, The Kinks were Number 1 with “You Really Got Me” at the time.
        Obsessed with the Era since I was at school I reckon, when I got into mod music…

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