8 thoughts on “PRIVILEGE: The most shattering film of the year – PETTICOAT – FEBRUARY 18, 1967

      1. It’s very thought provoking and of course the clothes and language are all very mid 60s hipness, but I dig all that being an impossible 60s freak.
        Jean Shrimpton has the poshest voice imaginable and it’s plain to see that Paul Jones isn’t a natural actor.
        He went to Hollywood for a couple of screen tests at the end of 1967 but nothing came of those.

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      2. Are you from that era or younger? I’m from then. 🙂 Paul Jones went on to become a good blues singer.


      3. Haha, kind of….born late 1964, The Kinks were Number 1 with “You Really Got Me” at the time.
        Obsessed with the Era since I was at school I reckon, when I got into mod music…

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