6 thoughts on “Melting thousands of ears: VANILLA FUDGE – DISC & MUSIC ECHO – SEPTEMBER 9, 1967

  1. I’d always wanted to like Vanilla Fudge but, apart from one song, they just weren’t me – but I’m still drawn to posts about them! 🙂

    1. Val, I don’t own any Vanilla Fudge records but I have heard one or two songs. They’re not really my scene but I will scan anything I think others may enjoy. I don’t think they were that popular in Britain during the 60s.

      1. I don’t know if you are Facebook, Colin, but there are some groups there that focus on the period and I’m sure they’d love to see some of these!

      2. There are quite a few on Facebook Val…I have linked my website to a Facebook page which is doing really well considering 60s magazines are an ‘underground’ item.

        Anyway, I post group photos and other cool things on my 60s mag FB page, many pictures don’t ever get posted here…I have so much ephemera. I’ll could be archiving this for years….


      3. That’s great. I’ve just liked the page, thanks. I’ll share some of it to the groups I belong to there.

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